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Our Design Brief

" We need a modern fresh website design, reasonably conservative but still appealing to a youth audience. The goal is to reach out, provide short concise information and encourage contact.

The website should also  function as an information resource to guardians and provide service assess information to health care professionals

We are hoping that this website can act as a 'honey-pot' for suffers searching for relevant symptoms of their condition online"


Our Solution

We created a simple but professionally finished CSS based graphic design integrating some dynamic HTML features to grab attention. The web site was then optimised to enhance ranking for searches relating to psychosis and related symptoms.
Search Engine Promotion is now underway.

This website has been showcased within the St John of God group as one of their highly effective Internet Initiatives for 2009.

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DETECT.IE web site design

Background to DETECT.ie web design project

web design screenshot1
In a new initiative to reach out to sufferers of early-stage psychosis in younger people, the St. John of God  DETECT organisation required a website to allow them to communicate with their primary target audience clearly and effectively.  As important as the approach taken to information display and design, it would be important that this website have the potential to rank in Google for searches relating to the condition of psychosis.

After conferring with health professionals and detailed research into the condition and the expected behaviour of the intended primary user group, Active Online created a compelling website designed using CSS and including several dynamic elements to encourage take up of information. Using well known online marketing techniques, refined strategies were implemented to match likely behaviours and to assist in the completion of  primary online goals.

Website:- www.detect.ie

Comment from within..

"We are very pleased with the result. Active Online listened carefully and produced a website that we feel will be highly effective in reaching out to our target audience while at the same time providing an information resource to carers and guardians as well as mental health professionals"

Niall Turner - DETECT Director